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Sleep peacefully and say goodbye to teeth grinding and discomfort with custom night guards.

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Welcome to Mountain Bay Dental, where your comfort and oral health are our top priorities. Our night guard services are designed to protect your teeth and provide relief from the damaging effects of teeth grinding and clenching. On this page, we'll explain what night guards are and explore the numerous benefits they offer for your overall well-being.

What Are Night Guards?

Night guards, also known as dental splints or occlusal guards, are custom-made oral appliances that are worn while sleeping. These devices are designed to provide a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth, preventing them from coming into direct contact. Night guards are commonly used to address issues such as bruxism (teeth grinding) and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

At Mountain Bay Dental, our skilled team will create a custom night guard that fits comfortably and securely over your teeth. The guard is made from high-quality materials and is tailored to your specific dental needs.

Benefits of Night Guards:

  1. Teeth Protection: Night guards shield your teeth from the wear and tear caused by grinding and clenching, preventing damage and fractures.
  2. Pain Relief: Night guards can alleviate jaw pain, headaches, and facial discomfort associated with bruxism and TMJ.
  3. Improved Sleep: By reducing teeth grinding noises and discomfort, night guards can lead to better sleep quality for you and your partner.
  4. Prevent Dental Issues: Night guards help prevent cavities, gum disease, and tooth sensitivity caused by excessive grinding.
  5. Preserve Dental Work: If you have dental restorations like crowns or veneers, night guards can prolong their lifespan by preventing damage.
  6. Customized Fit: Our night guards are tailored to your unique bite, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.
  7. Non-Invasive: Night guards are a non-surgical and non-invasive solution for bruxism and TMJ, avoiding the need for more extensive treatments.
  8. Enhanced Quality of Life: With reduced pain and better sleep, night guards can improve your overall quality of life.

At Mountain Bay Dental, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality night guard services. Our experienced dental professionals are committed to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout the entire process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how night guards can benefit your oral health and well-being.

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